Why should your dog receive Physical Rehabilitation?

In the canine athlete, there are many acute and chronic sports-related injuries and performance problems that can be corrected with rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal and neurological conditions can result in pain, weakness, decreased range of motion, loss of balance and coordination, decreased endurance, and decreased function/difficulty with normal daily activities. Overall wellness can be also be addressed in dogs requiring weight loss and general conditioning. Also, dogs who are post-operative, dogs with acute or chronic neurological conditions and even older dogs with osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease benefit from Physical Rehabilitation provided by a licensed, professional therapist.


Canine Comeback Rehabilitation is a small independently owned company that provides personalized canine rehabilitation to dogs in need under the same roof as practicing veterinarians. We can meet your dogs post surgical, conditioning, sports medicine, and aging needs by providing a hands on assessment and multimodal treatment plan. The emphasis at Canine Comeback is treating the whole dog by applying manual therapy techniques to address joint and soft tissue dysfunction in order to restore normal tissue mechanics allowing for safe return to canine athletics or daily dog living. We also stress wellness and incorporate owner education regarding the individual dog’s nutritional needs as well as long term exercise plans for the most active and fun-filled life for every dog. From the high level canine athlete to the show dog to the much loved family pet, we can get your dog back in action.

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